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Achieving Better Sports' Outcomes (ABSO) is a comprehensive program designed to deliver psycho-educational programs that cater to a broad spectrum of individuals engaged in athletics at all levels. This encompasses athletes, sports parents, sports leagues, educational institutions, as well as both public and private sectors. ABSO recognizes the inherent parallels between the domains of sports and life and seeks to address the common needs shared by individuals in both arenas. Our primary mission is to bridge the gap between sports and life by offering psycho-educational programs that effectively target the universal challenges faced by those involved in athletics. Through a diverse array of offerings, ABSO is committed to fostering personal growth, promoting well-being, and facilitating positive outcomes in both the realm of sports and broader life endeavors. Our comprehensive suite of services caters to a wide audience, including but not limited to youth, adults, sports programs, league and organization support, educational institutions, and the public and private sectors.

Services - Webinars, Workshops and Training


ABSO members have a rich history of conducting diverse webinars, workshops, and training sessions, both in-person and virtually. Our offerings are fully customizable to accommodate the specific needs and interests of our audience. Topics span a wide spectrum, encompassing, but not limited:

Competing In The System: Fostering Athletics


Sports Trafficking


Social Work & Mental Health Meets Sports 


Parenting In Sports 


Race In Athletics 


The Impact of E-Sports 


The Officiating Life


Transitioning From Sports

Women In Athletics

Let's Work Together


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