New England Football League Championship 

Black Refs Pic 2.jpg

On October 9, 2021, history was made in Hartford, CT. Association of Black Sports Officials (ABSO) was task with putting a crew together for a New England Football League championship. ABSO was able to field an all black 7-man crew including a clock operator to officiate a semi-pro championship game between Hartford Colts and Vermont Ravens. 

The crew members left to right Coree Moses - Clock Operator, Duane Marcellin - Line Judge, Terrence Burney - Side Judge, Keith Bryan - Referee, Greg Hudson - Head Line Judge, Qur-an Webb - Field Judge, Anrae Fevrier - Umpire, Linsie Esau lll - Back Judge. This crew consist of 50 plus years of experience on the field. They did an outstanding job, this was good for football, the league, and all boards across the country. 

KBR, Inc. Training


In November 2019, the Association of Black Sports Officials provided basketball and flag football officiating training to KBR Inc. (formerly Kellogg Brown & Root) staff at the U.S. Naval Base - Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, Africa. Training included covering mechanics, penalties/fouls, enforcement(s) and an overview of characteristics to improve individual’s officiating.