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Sport Tactics

Zerrell Stallings and Qur-an Webb are the co-founders of the Association of Black Sports Officials (ABSO). ABSO was conceived in 2016 following an incident of unfair practices of evaluation and elevation of Black officials on an officiating board in Connecticut. ABSO was able to advocate on the behalf of Black officials and successfully shift improving the equality amongst Black officials and played an intricate role in rewriting by-laws and policies for said board. 

Co-Founder of Association of Black Sports Officials. Raised in New Jersey, Qur-an now resides in Connecticut. Qur-an is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University and University of Connecticut and has worked in the social work and media literacy fields. Qur-an has been involved with sports in some capacity for most of his life. He’s been officiating sports for over 20 years. Qur-an has officiated in the past for the Central Connecticut Association of Football Officials and basketball for the Central Connecticut IAABO Board 6.  

In January 2018, ABSO was formed. ABSO goal is to bring equality for all Black officials across all sports on all levels throughout the country. ABSO is design not only to be a voice of advocacy for Black officials by providing support and resources, but to educate and train all officials, athletes, administrations, leagues, etc. on and off the athletic fields.  Through these efforts, not only will Black officials be better off, but the community and entire sports landscape will be better off as well.  

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