Pre-Post Game Sessions

Sessions are trainings on a variety of sports related topics provided by ABSO. 


Parenting In Sports 

This training goes into the relationship and role of parents in sports. More specifically, the training will highlight the benefits, responsibilities, impacts, and attitudes of parents when their children play sports. The training will highlight the overarching responsibilities of being a parent of an athlete, as well as the reasons why so many athletes’ parents are so (often, overly) involved in their children’s sports. Also, the impact of the way that parents act at sporting events and the consequences of their actions. Strategies top tips and suggestions for parents to have a healthy and positively involvement. 


Game Over – The Transition

Career transition is an extremely challenging stage in life for anyone involved. It comes with its ups and downs both mentally and physically. When athletes transition out of sports, it is often an overwhelming journey as they feel a loss of their identity. Athletes are trained to see themselves as winners who follow a specific routine in their daily life. This familiar pattern breaks when they transition from athletics and into another unexplored area of their life. While any change is difficult to endure, this specific career transition can be more demanding for athletes. This training is designed to help athletes transition from athletics with more ease and confidence.


Race In Athletics

This training will discuss implicit bias, and the differences between equality and equity, what do

equitable practices look like. Conversations about race constructively within the game environment and

with families, athletes, coaches, officials, and administration. Participants will gain opportunities and

next steps for applying concepts and strategies to advance racial equity on and off the athletic fields.

Participants will discuss the impact of the game and how it relates to race, racism, diversity. Discuss how

biases and discriminatory practices and its impact. Explore strategies to help improve and understand



The Officiating Life

Sports has been an integral part of our lives for a very long time now. Every one of us would have gotten our hands dirty with some sort of sport in our life. Sports is often viewed as a place where people come together and enjoy the game and hold high spirits of sportsman. In fact, sportsmanship is one of the highest regarded characters. Considering all these critical things happening in sports, and how highly sports is held in society, it is critical to say that games do not always go with sportsmanship. It is the role of referees or umpires to hold the standards of the game and ensure the game is played fair and square. In this course, we will discuss and understand the history of sports officiating. Training will provide an understanding of sports officiating history, education on sports officiating, and the laws and guidelines of officiating sports.


Sports Trafficking 

Most sports are seen as gentleman or women’s game. But it is seldom the truth if we learn more about it. Sports is a lucrative industry for many aspiring athletes, especially in developing countries. People with talent and aspirations to grow in sports and live in developing countries are often victims of several frauds and other nefarious activities. This training will provide a detailed outline and understanding of how sports trafficking is taking over the dreams of hundreds of thousands of young athletes across the globe.

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Social Work & Mental Health Meets Sports

This training will discuss how athletes, as a group, are generally a more vulnerable and susceptible population who are more prone to mental health issues whether by injury or environmental factors and have more prevalent social work-related needs. Also, how athletes traditionally have not received proper social work or mental health treatment because they are deemed to be “young and healthy” individuals that are “free of mental health challenges and social problems”. These vulnerabilities that exist at the various levels of sports and further explore the vulnerabilities of athletes.  


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